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COVID-19 Update

OpenSided MRI is continually monitoring the COVID-19 global pandemic currently affecting our communities. We understand during these trying times patients still have other medical issues that need to be addressed. OpenSided MRI will continue their commitment to their local communities by caring for patients that have not been directly affected by COVID-19 as all four of our out-patient MRI facilities will remain open with regular business hours.

At OpenSided MRI, the well-being of our patients and team members is of the utmost importance. In addition to the recommended standards, we have implemented rigorous protocols at each of our facilities.

1.Eliminating all non-essential visitors from our facilities.
2.We will not see any patients that have or are suspected to have COVID-19 for any type of scan. Those patients are to seek help at their local hospital.
3.Any patient that is coughing, feverish or has shortness of breath, will be asked to reschedule their appointment until they are symptom-free.
4.All equipment and surfaces will be sanitized after each patient.
5.We will employ social distancing in our waiting rooms. Paperwork can be filled out in advance online or in their vehicle upon arrival.
6.We ask all patients wash their hands and/or use a hand sanitizer prior to entering the facility.

These procedures are necessary to ensure that patients still have a low risk option for the studies that their lives depend on. OpenSided MRI is committed to their local communities in providing a safe environment to continue necessary imaging.