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You have the choice of where to have your MRI exam done — since you are the one paying insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-payment. Choose OpenSided MRI for comfort, convenience, quality, and affordability.

OpenSided MRI takes pride in delivering you with top quality MRI imaging & outstanding customer service and low price, every time.

Our focus in these rapidly changing times in healthcare is to continue to provide you the highest levels of customer service, quality diagnostic imaging in the “open” MRI system, and affordable pricing for your MRI exam; something we have been doing for over 15 years at each of our centers.

Save Money

Today, with your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare soaring, we are even more dedicated to providing you with the most affordable MRI exam. Under many of today’s health insurance plans you could end up paying the majority of the cost of your MRI exam due to high deductibles and co-pays.

How can we provide such high quality service at such affordable pricing? – Because we only do MRI at our centers.

Save yourself time and money by experiencing OpenSided MRI. You’ll spend less on your exam and we will deliver faster results to your doctor.
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Experience Open MRI

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Do you get anxious about MRI exams or suffer from claustrophobia? We completely understand. You’re not alone, these anxieties are often associated with MRI exams.

Come relax in our “Open” MRI system, it accommodates all patients and provides you with a very peaceful MRI experience.

Aside from “open” versus “closed” (also known as short-bore), you may not realize that most MRI exams are essentially the same in terms of diagnostic results, whichever system done in, and usually take less than an hour.

Thank you much. This was my 3rd attempt @ MRI; the first was awful. If I ever have to have it again I'll come back.A.C