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Today, with your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare soaring, we are even more dedicated to providing affordable MRI exams than ever. 

Under many of today’s health insurance plans you could end up paying the majority of the cost of your MRI exam due to high deductibles and co-pays.  The cost of an MRI exam can be many times higher at a hospital facility than at an independent imaging center like OpenSided MRI.  You should determine your out-of-pocket cost before having your MRI exam at another facility.

Comfortable, Relaxing Environment for your MRI

Our “open” MRI system accommodates all patients, especially those who are claustrophobic or just anxious about the exam in a short-bore closed MRI system.  Aside from that difference, “open” versus “closed”, often patients don’t realize the MRI exam is essentially the same regardless of where it is done and usually lasts less than an hour. However, our center is dedicated solely to MRI in a comfortable and relaxing outpatient setting, unlike what you may experience at a crowded hospital or multi-modality center.

Accurate, Fast Exam Results

What is important is the diagnostic interpretation of your exam results to be accurate and provided quickly, timely scheduling for your exam, quality and compassionate customer service throughout, and, now, as the financial burden has shifted from your insurance plan to you – the best price for an MRI exam.

OpenSided MRI proudly excels in all these areas and you should expect no less from any other provider of MRI services.

You are the customer and have the right to choose where to have your MRI exam done and to expect high quality customer service at a reasonable price.  We are sensitive to the shifting financial burden being put upon you and will work with all our customers to make your MRI exam affordable.